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TRM is a remediation contractor based in Derbyshire working on contaminated land projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

TRM, in partnership with HMVTRS, now offer thermal remediation; Electrical Resistance Heating.

TRM commonly undertake remediation in the following areas for consultants, civil engineering contractors, building & property developers and private land owners:

  • Brownfield Sites
  • Petrochemical Industry / Chemical Manufacturers
  • Petrol Stations & the Automotive Industry
  • Landfills / Scrap Yards
  • Former Gas and Coking Works
  • Water Industry
  • On-site treatment of fuel / solvent / chemical spillages

TRM use a series of ex-situ and in-situ biological, chemical and physical technologies to remediate polluted soil & groundwater.

Call: 0115 932 7222 for advice.

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