Groundwater Remediation

PROJECT: Remediation of Groundwater Contaminated by Diesel

Groundwater Remediation

CLIENT: Confidential

DURATION: Ongoing (10 years currently)

COST RANGE: £1,300,000 to £1,500,000 (currently)

STATUS: Commissioned and ongoing.


  • Design of remediation system based upon pilot study in the field.
  • Installation of a number of boreholes to 40 metres depth with permanent buried pipework and permanent reinstatement.
  • Installation and operation of an automated (with remote web access), programmable pumping regime (up to 125m3/hr) system with treatment to soakaways.
  • Commissioning, optimisation, monitoring and operation of the remediation scheme in accordance with Environmental Permit.
  • Operational uptime guarantee of the works to meet stringent client requirements.


The site is situated in an area of high environmental sensitivity on the boundary of an outer source protection zone. Large seasonal groundwater fluctuations are encountered in the boreholes, with the water table falling on average around 10cm daily during summer and autumn. The remedial objectives are the removal of of recoverable NAPL mass from the aquifer to reduce the risk of future migration and the monitoring of the aquifer groundwater to demonstrate that the risks to receptors are stable or reducing.

NAPL is recovered from the abstraction wells using a technique of groundwater pumping to lower the head in the aquifer together with total fluids pumping using top filling pneumatic pumps. A relatively low vacuum to the well head enhanced NAPL recovery during the pilot study and was incorporated into the full scale design.

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