Technical Remediation Solutions

Technical Remediation Solutions


Contaminated land and groundwater problems are often complex; frequently there is no single solution or technology which is able to address every aspect of the problem. TRM has an in-depth understanding of environmental processes and is able to utilise combinations of treatments to the best advantage.

Contaminants differ both in their physical form and chemical type:

  • Physical: free phase (e.g. oils) or dissolved in groundwater.
  • Chemical: inorganic (e.g. heavy metals) or organic (e.g. petrol & diesel).

A combination of these is usually present on a site, requiring the use of a number of treatment technologies.

The particular treatment is selected following the delineation and characterisation of the contamination. This is usually based on the individual needs of a site and the nature of the pollution, including timescale, budget, enforcement opinions and corporate policy.

TRM assembles systems on a site specific basis, incorporating a selection of chemical, biological or physical technologies to include in situ and ex situ applications.

Specialist plant is designed and built in-house, installed, operated and maintained by TRM. Treatment systems are generally provided in containerised units and are designed to operate automatically requiring the minimum of supervision and maintenance.

Units are designed to be installed in the most challenging areas including inside operational factories and in confined spaces.

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