Remediation of heating oil spills in commercial and residential settings - August 2023

TRM successfully completed two projects to remove heating oil spillages from above ground storage tanks in accordance with environmental legislation. In both cases, the heating oil had leaked into the ground and contaminated the surrounding soil.

1) A commercial facility had suffered a sudden leak of heating oil from pipework connected to an above ground bulk fuel storage tank. Oil had spilled onto and into the ground, permeated the soil and structure of the building, and entered storm water drains. The works required the rapid removal of impacted soils, soil analysis to determine the extent of any remaining contamination and potential for any further remediation works. Click CS441 for further information.

2) TRM was asked to investigate a domestic heating oil spill from an external storage tank. TRM reviewed the issue with the homeowner and advised on safety and environmental concerns. Subsequent soil sampling indicated that a spillage had occurred and TRM returned to the site to undertake visual & olfactory monitoring with volatile hydrocarbon analysis to measure the spread of the heating oil plume from the leaking pipe. TRM undertook excavation and disposal of contaminated soils in a 'difficult-to-access' environment. Remediation was successfully completed on time and budget, for the client to proceed with the sale of the property. Click CS641 for further information.

Quality and Environmental Management Annual Surveillance Audit - July 2023. Continued certification to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is recommended.

Developments in the Remediation of PFAS Contamination - May 2023. Click here for further information.

Launch of new TRM website - April 2023.

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