Recycling Facility

PROJECT: Remediation of Scrap Metal Recycling Facility

Recycling Facility

CLIENT: Scrap Metal Works Operator

DURATION: Five Months

COST RANGE: £300,000 to £400,000

STATUS: Completed and Validated


  • Design of an effective remediation scheme in conjunction with the client and Environment Agency.
  • Designed to achieve surrender of the facility's waste management licence.
  • Phased excavation and removal of hydrocarbon fuel / oil and metal contaminated soils.
  • Onsite physical processing and reuse of cleaned soils.
  • Contaminated groundwater treatment and disposal of heavily contaminated soils.


This site had been subjected to significant historical contamination from over 40 years of historical activity. Elevated concentrations of fuels, oils and metals were present and localised pools of oily water were exposed benath the ground.

Contaminant target levels were agreed with the regulatory authorities and a strategy to deal with contaminated soils and waters was designed to achieve surrender of the owner's waste management licence.

Soils were excavated in phased areas, with clean soils removed for reuse, heavily impacted soils were removed from the site and other soils processed onsite. Physical sorting and segregation was followed by screening and crushing activities to maximise the the reuse of the clean soils. Treatment of oily waters and contaminated groundwater was undertaken on the site.

Site won soils were used as backfill with the final restoration completed using imported locally sourced aggregate. Over 3,500 cubic metres of materials were excavated and processed. Regulatory agreement for the surrender of the licence was achieved.

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