Underground Storage Tanks

PROJECT: Removal of Redundant Underground Fuel Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks

CLIENT: Property Developer

DURATION: Seven Weeks

COST RANGE: £100,000 to £200,000

STATUS: Completed and Validated


  • Breaking out of concrete slabs and crushing for retention on site.
  • Removing tanks and associated fuel lines, pumps and interceptor.
  • Selective excavation of clean and contaminated material for re-use or treatment / disposal as appropriate.
  • Contaminant abstraction and treatment of hydrocarbon impacted groundwater.
  • Completion and validation of the works to regulatory and client requirements.


The groundwater beneath the site was found to be contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons which were attributed to the presence of residual fuel and oil in the underground tanks. TRM provided all of the necessary resources i.e. civil engineering works, tank content treatment and removal, groundwater treatment and treatment/disposal of the contaminated soil and wastes all in a cost effective and timely manner.

Materials removed included:

  • Redundant steel tanks: 8
  • Waste oil: 5,800 litres
  • Oily sludge: 1,200 litres
  • Contaminated soil: 1,000 tonnes

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